Global Space Applications Conference

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UNESCO, International Astronautical Federation


UNESCO, International Astronautical Federation


02/06/2014 to 04/06/2014


This Conference will provide an excellent introduction cutting-edge satellite-based applications. The panel represents the global satellite-based services stakeholders community - presentatives of the major space agencies,industry, governments, academia and NGOs. The programm enables in depth discussion of experiences, ideas, roadmaps and future opportunities for usage of satellite-based applications.

The programme will offer an insight into high-level round table discussions and technical sessions that will address the most recent achievements in satellite-based applications and explore how industry, politics, and law will help shape the future environment for this exciting domain of astronautics.

The organizators have named 8 Conference topics, each with up to 3 sessions:

  1. Integrated satellite-based applications
  2. Legal and regulatory aspects, including management of radio frequency issues
  3. New services from satellite-based mobile telecommunication and positioning
  4. Services combining satellite-based remote sensing and positioning
  5. Satellite-based observations in the global monitoring of climate changes
  6. Satellite-based services and products in support of disaster management
  7. Solutions for barriers to access to application services, requirements for capacity building and knowledge management
  8. Initiatives taken by universities to foster education in satellite-based applications


UNESCO Headquarters

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