University of Nairobi (UON) - Department of Geology

The Department of Geology of the University of Nairobi offers B.Sc., B.Ed. Science (Geology option), B.Sc. & B.Ed. (Science) by Open and Distance Learning, B.Sc. in Environmental Geosciences, M.Sc., PhD and Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental & Disaster Management Courses. The core areas of specialisation include Mineralogy and Petrology, Economic Geology and Mineral Resources, Environmental Geology and Management, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources Management, Petroleum Geology, Marine Geology and Resources, Applied Geochemistry, Applied Geophysics, Seismology, Palynology and Micropalaentology, and Mineral Exploration.

The Department is strong in seismic studies and hosts a National Seismological Network which monitors earthquakes in the region. Data from two seismic stations (KMBO PS24 and USGS) is internationally telemetered to Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Organization in Vienna, Austria and to the American Geological Society at Washington DC in U.S.A.

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