ENHANS International Workshop on Extreme Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk in Africa, Pretoria, 17-20 January 2011


17/01/2011 to 20/01/2011


The Pretoria Workshop will analyse major topics related to extreme natural events and disaster risk A special GOOS (Global Oceanic Observing System) session at the Pretoria workshop will focus on the importance of maintaining sustained ocean observing systems both to prevent and mitigate disasters, where possible, but also in order to rapidly bring observing assets to bear in post disaster relief efforts. Both natural coastal inundation hazards, such as storm surges and tsunamis, as well as anthropogenic hazards, such as oil spills, will be discussed, with focus on African concerns. In the context of global sea-level rise, the session will probe the interface between physical and social sciences in order to clearly distinguish between patterns of climatic and environmental change, and patterns of risk and vulnerability.

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Fulfilling a mandate from the ENHANS International Workshop on Extreme Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk in Africa which was held in Pretoria, South Africa, in January 2011, a comprehensive recommendations document was prepared by a working group. Based on a summary of specific needs, challenges and achievements regarding natural hazards on the African continent, detailed recommendations are given in order to promote interdisciplinary science and education and to improve monitoring and prediction of extreme natural hazards for the benefit of society. In particular, it is proposed to set up the African Centre for Natural Hazards, Disaster Risk Analysis and Management (ACHADEME) as a network of existing research and educational centers, in cooperation with International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) bodies, United Nations agencies and other international organizations.

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