Rugged Satellite Earth Stations Enable Forward-Deployed Systems For Disaster Recovery

ASC Signal Corporation has announced that its antennas have been chosen as a critical component of Globecomm Systems, Inc.'s Forward-Deployed Asset Support Terminal (FAST) system to enable rapid set up of disaster recovery communications solutions.
ASC Signal's rugged antennas will help support tens of megabits of uplink connectivity in the C- and Ku-band frequencies. This capability will allow FAST users to create multi-purpose hubs for local communications, including mobile services, ready for use anywhere around the world shortly after arrival at a disaster recovery site.
ASC Signal is providing Globecomm with four-meter, low-cost earth station antennas that are capable of global operation in C- and Ku-band, and in the most adverse weather conditions.The antennas' rugged aluminum structure and multi-piece panel reflector deliver extremely accurate surface contour, high gain and superior efficiency throughout long-term deployments while contributing to the ease and cost-effectiveness of shipping worldwide for asset support operations. This innovative technology reinforces ASC Signal's engineering leadership in providing flexibility and reliability to its partners on every continent.

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