Volcano Disaster Assistance Programme help diminishing the effects of Nevado del Ruiz eruption, Colombia

On June 30th, the volcano Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia erupted causing small volcano-related earthquakes and emitting a column of ash approximately eight kilometers high. But thanks to the Volcano Disaster Assistance Programme (VDAP), it was possible to prevent injuries and limit property damage. The VDAP was established following the disastrous eruption of Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia in 1985, since then it has been working to reduce fatalities and economic losses in countries experiencing a volcano emergency. Between crises, VDAP scientists work with international partners to build and improve volcano monitoring systems and to conduct joint activities to reduce volcanic risk and improve understanding of volcanic hazards. This, together with the partnership between the U.S. and Colombian governments, has led to better informed and prepared citizens for disaster management.

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