September 2011

• UN-SPIDER supports the Russian Federation’s efforts to boost the use of space-based information for disaster risk management and emergency response in Central Asia
• UN-SPIDER’s RSO in Ukraine tests new approaches to flood hazard mapping
• UN-SPIDER’s RSO in the I.R. of Iran supports upcoming World Space Week Activities
• UN-SPIDER’s RSO in Romania organises a Summer School on Crisis Management and Emergency Response
• UN-SPIDER’s RSO in Pakistan publishes a monthly Bulletin on Crop Monitoring
• UN-SPIDER’s RSO in Algeria provides maps of areas sensitive to desertification
• ADRC, a UN-SPIDER RSO, organises a Training Course for Central Asia and the Caucasus
• Regional Training Activity on the use of Remote Sensing and GIS for disaster management in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
• Africa and China step up cooperation on drought risk
• UN-SPIDER contribution to the Second Meeting of ITU-D Study Group 2
• Technical Advisory Mission (TAM) to Sri Lanka
• UN-SPIDER participation in the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of HJ-A/B Satellites
• UN-SPIDER supports APSCO’s “Third International Symposium on Earth Quake Monitoring and Early Warning by Using Space Technology” Beijing, 13 to 15 September, 2011
• Progress on the VALID Project: Extended support and first stakeholder feedback
Community News

• International Charter develops geographic tool to provide information about satellite data used for activations
• New Oil Monitoring research project coordinated by KSAT of Norway
• Monitoring Volcanic Ash and Impacts on Agriculture: CSA, NASA and World Bank Cooperation
• Uganda plans early warning ICT system
• The Philippines to use sophisticated geohazard map for disaster reduction
• NASA Satellites Busy at the Peak of Hurricane Season
• Sentinel Asia assists in response to five disasters
• International Charter activated for Flood in Japan and Earthquake in India
• The UNLock project

Upcoming UN-SPIDER Outreach Activities
Upcoming UN-SPIDER events

• Second UN-SPIDER International Expert Meeting: Crowdsource Mapping for Preparedness and Emergency Response, Geneva, 16 November 2011
• United Nations International Conference on Space-based Technologies for Disaster Risk Management “Best Practices for Risk Reduction and Rapid Response Mapping”, Beijing, 22 - 25 November 2011

Upcoming events supported by UN-SPIDER

• Pacific Island Countries GIS/RS User Conference, Suva, 28 November - 2 December 2011
• “APSCO Training Course on Environment and Disaster Monitoring Through Space Technology” Dhaka, Bangladesh, 22 November to 1 December 2011


Conferences and Workshops

We maintain a Calendar of Events with upcoming Conferences, Meetings and Events relevant to the area of space-based solutions for disaster management and emergency response. The Calendar can be viewed at

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