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Argentina’s CONAE presents its mission for agricultural uses on Expoagro 2017

Image courtesy of CONAE
Argentina’s National Commission for Spatial Activities (CONAE) participated in agricultural trade fair Expoagro held on 7-11 March 2017 in Buenos Aires. The agency presented their SAOCOM mission to potential users there. SAOCOM Earth’s observation mission uses SAR (Syntetic Aperture Radar) information to generate products that can be used in agriculture and hydrology, e.g. soil moisture maps. In particular, the satellite imagery products can help the farmers in decision-making related to crop cultivation like sowing, fertilization and irrigation.


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Thu, 23/03/2017 - 10:10

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Mozambique National Directorate of Agrarian Services (DNSA)

IIAM, Mozambique's Institute of Agricultural Research, is part of the Ministry for Agriculture of Mozambique. It is mainly involved in disaster management activities through the provision of important baseline data sets. This includes a national soil map as well as information on land suitability for crops. A strong link exists between FEWS NET and IIAM/DNSA where the required data is provided for the early warning system.

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