Arab Society for Plant Protection

The Arab Society for Plant Protection (ASPP) is a non-profit professional and scholarly organization of scientists from both public and private academic institutions, as well as industry representing a great variety of scientists who are involved in the field of plant protection in the Arab World and abroad. The society promotes research, education, and extension outreach activities related to pests, provides science-based information to the public and private sectors and fosters awareness of pests and their impacts on arable and natural ecosystems.


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Burkinabe Directorate for Vegetation Protection and Conditioning (DPVC)

The Directorate of Plant Protection and conditioning is the national entity in Burkina Faso in charge of the International Plan Protection Convention that aims to protect the world’s plant resources from pests and to ensure the quality of food products. The DPVC includes three technical services which are: the Service Intervention, the Office of Pesticides and Pest Control and the Control Service Conditioning and Quality (SCCQ). 


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Namibia's satellite centre to warn of disaster threats

A new satellite data centre in Namibia will help farmers prepare for droughts, floods, bushfires and pests. The Earth Observation and Satellite Applications Research and Training Centre (EOSA-RTC), was launched this month (6 July) in collaboration with the African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development programme (AMESD). It is located at the Polytechnic of Namibia and comprises a satellite data receiving station and data centre, which will provide data useful for agriculture.


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Thu, 28/07/2011 - 11:27
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