UN-SPIDER strengthens capacity for combatting disasters in arid regions using space technologies

Workshop participants at the AFAD emergency operations room.
Participants during training course.

UN-SPIDER conducted a training programme on Combatting Disaster in Arid Regions Using Space-Based and Geospatial Technologies from 18 to 20 February 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey. The event was the first attempt of broadening UN-SPIDER efforts to include countries in a vast

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Mon, 24/02/2020 - 20:06


European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction (EFDRR) in Istanbul

This is event is available for participation on an ongoing basis

The 2017 EFDRR Open Forum will be hosted by the Government of Turkey from 26 to 28 March 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. As a requirement of the Sendai Framework, one of the intended outcomes of this Open Forum will be to compile experiences; lessons learnt and gap analyses to be presented during the 2017 Global Platform in Cancun, Mexico in May 2017. The Open Forum will be a unique opportunity to shape the implementation and monitoring of the Sendai Framework in Europe.





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26/03/2017 to 28/03/2017

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Thu, 23/03/2017


Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus

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  • Turkey

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Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey (AFAD)

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International Charter activated for floods and landslides in Turkey

Floods were reported along the Çoruh Nehri river (Image: Evgeny Genkin)

The International Charter: Space and Major Disasters has been triggered to provide satellite-based 


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Thu, 27/08/2015 - 17:07

Turkey uses SPOT 6 and 7 satellites for crop monitoring

Satellite view of the city of Istanbul (Image: ESA)

Airbus Defence and Space offers data on crop monitoring through SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 satellite imagery to the Agricultural Monitoring and Information System


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Mon, 27/07/2015 - 10:38

Turkey: Two thirds live in areas with earthquake risk

Three active fault zones run through Turkey making it very prone to earthquakes

According to the Turkish Prime Ministry's Disaster and

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Fri, 20/02/2015 - 14:12

Turkey: Launch of new satellite within five years

Satellite image of snow in Turkey (NASA/MODIS)

Ensar Gul, chairman of Turksat Satellite Communications, announced the production and launch of national satellites to occur within a five years time-frame.


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Tue, 09/12/2014 - 08:38

Multi-hazard early warning system for South Eastern Europe

Building resilience to disasters in Western Balkans and Turkey

On 20 October 2014, the project "Building Resilience to Disasters in Western Balkans and Turkey", co-financed by the European Commission, the UNISDR and the World Meteor

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Tue, 28/10/2014 - 11:59

Turkey: New Geoportal launched

The city of Izmir, Turkey, as observed by RASAT in 2011

Turkey has launched Gezgin Geoportal, an online portal making available detailed imagery of the country from the Turkish RASAT satellite, as the newspaper Hurriyet DailyNews reported.


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Thu, 21/08/2014 - 11:37

Turkey set to launch national satellite programme

Ankara, Turkey as seen from the ISS

Following the successful launch of the 4B Satellite earlier in the year, Turkey is set to open a satellite manufacturing and testing center later this month at the Akinci Air Force Base in Ankara. Turkey will then become the twelfth country worldwide capable to produce, test and launch its own satellites.


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Tue, 05/08/2014 - 15:49


Türksat is the only communications satellite operator in Turkey. Türksat Corporation was established by the Additional Clause 33 added to the Telegram and Telephone Act numbered 406 with the article 5 of the Act about Making Amendments in Various Laws dated 16th June 2004 and numbered 5189.


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