Eventos pasados

Encuentre abajo una lista de eventos que han sido organizados, apoyados y en los cuales ONU-SPIDER ha participado. Haga uso de la barra de búsqueda para filtrar por palabras claves para encontrar la información adecuada que sea de su interés.

Title Fecha Ciudad
United Nations/Indonesia International Conference on Integrated Space Technology Applications to Climate Change 02/09/2013 Jakarta
United Nations/Germany UN-SPIDER Bonn Expert Meeting on the use of space-based information for early warning systems 24/06/2013 Bonn
United Nations International Expert Meeting on Crowdsource Mapping for Disaster Risk Management and Emergency Response 03/12/2012 Vienna
Space Technology for improving Hazard Mapping in Sri Lanka 14/08/2012 Badulla
International Workshop on Drought Monitoring, Assessing and Planning under Global Climate Change 04/06/2012 Beijing
Fifth United Nations International UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop on Disaster Management and Space Technology 24/04/2012 Bonn
United Nations International Conference on Space-based Technologies for Disaster Risk Management "Best Practices for Risk Reduction and Rapid Response Mapping" 22/11/2011 Beijing
Second UN-SPIDER International Expert Meeting: Crowdsource Mapping for Preparedness and Emergency Response 16/11/2011 Geneva
Fourth United Nations International UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop on Disaster Management and Space Technology: “The 4C – Challenge: Communication – Coordination – Cooperation – Capacity Development” 12/10/2010 Bonn
UN-SPIDER Regional Workshop - Building Upon Regional Space-based Solutions for Disaster Management and Emergency Response for Africa 06/07/2010 Addis Ababa
Third United Nations International UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop "Disaster Management and Space Technology - From Concepts to Application" 21/10/2009 Bonn
UN-SPIDER Regional Workshop "Space Applications for Disaster-Risk Management and Emergency Response in Latin America" 29/09/2009 Quito
Second UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop: “Disaster Management and Space Technology - Bridging the Gap” 13/10/2008 Bonn
United Nations International UN-SPIDER Workshop - Bonn, Germany 29/10/2007 Bonn


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