Building Resilient Communities: Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction

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International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Regional Center for Asia (IIRR)


02/03/2015 to 11/03/2015

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The course Building Resilient Communities: Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction focuses on the CMDRR framework which asserts that disasters can be avoided and the effects of hazards can be reduced by increasing the individual’s capability to survive and the community’s capacity towards readiness. The goal of CMDRR is to build resilient communities.

This course will provide participants with basic understanding of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and its relationship to climate change adaptation and disaster management. They will learn about the basic process and tools to facilitate community-managed disaster risk reduction (CMDRR). CMDRR framework puts premium to building capacities of communities so they can facilitate their own risk reduction process. The facilitation role of development organizations is also emphasized. This course uses a combination of classroom instruction using adult-learning methodologies and community level practicum to conduct exercises using CMDRR tools.

This course is a component of the NGO Disaster Preparedness Project, a joint project of IIRR and Give2Asia involving 6 countries in Asia. The project will connect donors with the most effective community disaster risk reduction programs in six of the most vulnerable South and Southeast Asian countries. It will also publish DRR research, perform online crowd funding for local projects, and make publicly available organizational information of groups implementing innovative local DRR work. A number of participants for this course will come from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, India and Bangladesh all supported by this project.

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