Introductory Webinar: Building Climate Risk Assessments from Local Vulnerability and Exposure

NASA ARSET Climate Risk Assessments
Tue, 19 Sep - Thu, 21 Sep 2023

This ARSET Training will describe climate risk assessment approaches that originate with stakeholder expertise in the fundamental climate vulnerability and exposure of their system. By identifying at-risk assets and the types of climate conditions that drive problematic responses, stakeholders and scientists can co-develop risk information targeting specific climatic impact-drivers and utilizing climate observations and projections sets selected to suitably address those risks. The training will provide an assessment and engagement framework and utilize examples from the NASA Climate Adaptation Science Investigators (CASI) Program that is preparing NASA facilities for future climate resilience.


This training is primarily intended for local, state, federal, and international entities, including public and private sector organizations to use NASA Earth observations and modeled climate projection datasets for integration into their climate change-related work in different sectors.