Monitoring Atmospheric Composition

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Future Learn




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Monday, November 5, 2018


A course from EUMETSAT and the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service/ECMWF. During the course you will discover the space, air and ground-based technologies we use to monitor and forecast the atmosphere by exploring how we observe and measure the atmosphere with satellites, ground-based and other forms of in-situ measurements, understanding the importance of satellite observations and other forms of measurements for atmospheric monitoring, investigating how atmospheric data is used in policy and decision-making, in a range of arenas, in conjunction with models and recognising the importance of the data for monitoring long-range transportation of pollutants in the atmosphere. You will explore the critical threats affecting the atmosphere and its composition - and how these affect human health, climate change and the ecosystem. You will also see how this all informs policy and international agreements, plus the extensive work needed to predict change and maintain air quality.

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This course would suit policy / decision makers, journalists, educators, business owners, and students. It may also appeal to a curious, general interest audience, or professionals who possess some experience in the subject.


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