Sixth International Conference:Earth From Space:The Most Effective Solutions

6th International Conference: EARTH FROM SPACE: The Most Effective Solutions

Event Organisers: 

ScanEx Research and Development Center (ScanEx R&D Center)
Transparent World NGO
Center for information Technologies Development (CJSC)


01/10/2013 to 03/10/2013

Registration Deadline: 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


 6th International Conference "Earth from Space" - the Most Effective Solutions" is a  wide platform for discussing the ways of space information development. Special attention will be drawn to the issues of access to satellite imagery data and near real-time satellite based monitoring services by the civil society in Russia and in the world. Democratization of work with satellite data is required to support information openness and unbiased monitoring, control and condition assessment of sites, territories, industries and business activities, assessment of global climate change consequences. 

The main topics that will be covered in the conference are Satellite imagery applications, geospatial components for e-government system, synergies between sectors, institutional and legal aspects, problems and prospects of manufacturing satellites, integration of satellite data, GIS and web technologies.


Vatutinki Complex, Moscow

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