Virtual Global Flood Partnership Conference

Image: Rachman Reilli/Unsplash.

Global Flood Partnership

Wed, Nov 4 - Wed, Nov 25 2020

The Global Flood Partnership (GFP) is organizing four webinars as a replacement for the GFP annual in person meeting. These two-hour long webinars (ZOOM meetings/YouTube Streaming) are provided at no cost and take place on 4, 11, 18 and 25 November at 3pm (UTC + 1 hour). Recordings of the webinars can be accessed on YouTube following the events.

The webinars cover the following four topics:

  •  Session 1: Global flood monitoring (EO) - 4 Nov 2020
    • Brian Lander / Margot Van der Velden – WFP, Nobel Peace Prize awardees 2020: 'Taking WFP flood impact prediction and mapping to the next level' YouTube video recording:
    • David Borges – NASA: 'GEO and CEOS Flood Community Developments' YouTube video recording:
    • Beth Tellmann – Cloud To Street: 'Leveraging machine learning and SmallSats to improve satellite flood detection: seeing through (thin) clouds and identifying new features' YouTube video recording:
    • Marco Chini - Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST): 'Sentinel-1 multitemporal InSAR coherence to map floodwater in urban areas' YouTube video recording:
    • Peter Salamon - European Commission: 'The new Sentinel-1 based global flood monitoring system of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service' YouTube video recording:
  • Session 2: Global flood forecasting - 11 Nov 2020 (Registration for ZOOM meeting: // YouTube Streaming:
    • Margaret Glasscoe – JPL NASA: Advancing Access to Global Flood Modeling and Alerting using the PDC Disaster AWARE Platform and Remote Sensing Technologies
    • Ervin Zsoter - European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting: 'Global Flood Awareness System service evolution'
    • Sella Nevo – Google: 'Progress and challenges in high-accuracy flood forecasting on global scales'
    • Huan Wu - Sun Yat-Sen University: 'Exploring the ENSO Impact on Basin-Scale Floods toward Better Monthly-to- seasonal Flood Forecast'
    • Kei Yoshimura - University of Tokyo: 'Predictability of the floods caused by Typhoon Hagibis in 2019 using Today's Earth'
  • Session 3: Global flood hazard and risk modeling - 18 Nov 2020 (Registration for ZOOM meeting: // YouTube streaming:
    • Lorenzo Alfieri - CIMA Foundation: Global modeling of seasonal mortality rates from river floods
    • Brad Peter - University of Alabama: Google Earth Engine Implementation of the Floodwater Depth Estimation Tool (FwDET-GEE) for Rapid and Large Scale Flood Analysis
    • Raphael Tshimanga - Congo Basin Water Resources Research Center: Mapping flood hazard and risk in the Congo Basin - the challenges of flood risk management in Africa
    • Antara Dasgupta - Monash University: Leveraging Earth Observation and Data Assimilation for Improved Flood Inundation Forecasts
  • Session 4: Flood resilience - 25 Nov 2020 (Registration for ZOOM meeting: // YouTube streaming:
    • Collin McQuistan - Practical Action: A Simple Participatory Tool to Assess Community Flood Resilience
    • Bayes Ahmed - Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, University College London: Community Resilience to Flooding in Bangladesh
    • Guy Schumann - United Nations World Food Programme: The Value of Drones for Bespoke Local Flood Risk Assessment in the Licungo Basin
    • Jurjen Wagemaker - FloodTags: Flood Monitoring Using Media Data