DigitalGlobe prolongs useful lives of WorldView satellite mission

Earth seen from Space

On 18 December 2014, leading global provider of high-resolution earth observation data DigitalGlobe announced the extension of the useful lives of two of its satellites, namely WorldView-1 and WorldView-2.

Furthermore, the company has also assigned an initial useful life to its newest satellite, WorldView-3.

“We have now completed an extended period of investment in building out the world’s leading earth observation capability,” said Jeffrey R. Tarr, CEO of DigitalGlobe.

The statement was made in occasion of the annual satellite life review and will consist in a useful life prolongation from 2.5 years to 13 years for WorldView satellite, and from two years to 13 years for WorldView-2.

The satellites will continue delivering map and analysis services, environmental monitoring data and location-based services to public safety organisations and civil agencies to help decision makers to gain actionable insight of our changing planet in order to save lives and maximise available resources.

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