Mapping and Application of GPS: CATHALAC trains professionals

On 23 February 2014, CATHALAC finished its training course “Mapping and Application of GPS” which offered professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean a deeper understanding of using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for mapping.

The course allowed the participants to learn and strengthen their basic understanding of cartography, so that it could be easily applied in their daily activities with the use of GPS. Participants had the opportunity to handle GPS navigation systems, take coordinates such as “waypoint", "Route" and "track" parameters, and learned how to use GPS tools for smartphones as well as how to export GPS data to a GIS format using a open source application.

CATHALAC will continue with the development of this and other related training courses, therefore helping to strengthen the knowledge of professionals of the Latin American and Caribbean region. CATHALAC also hosts a UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office.