Nigeria uses seismological stations to monitor disasters

Flood in Kano State, Nigeria in 2013 (Image: The Eagle Online)

The Federal Government of Nigeria has introduced seven seismic monitoring stations in the country to reduce disasters associated with natural hazards. The stations have been completed, tested and are now ready for use.

Dr Abdul Bulamasaid, Minister of Science and Technology, said that the government adopted feasible measures to confront the menace posed by natural hazards like flood, earthquakes, landslides and erosion to humans, properties and the environment by putting in place the stations in Minna and Abakaliki, in Ebonyi State.

The stations also support the early warning system of the African country and may reduce the effects of earth tremors, rumblings and landslides.

Also the university and researchers will benefit from the new seismological stations. An easy access to the data will facilitate research activities and development of various departments and institutions in Nigeria. 

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