Launched in June 2014 with an expected life-time of more than 7 years, Deimos-2 is an agile, high resolution satellite that became the only European fully-private satellite capable of providing sub-metric multispectral imagery. From a 620-km ascending sun-sync orbit, it has a 12/24-km swath (depending on the imaging mode), stereo-par capability and ±45º off-nadir tilting capacity. Its multispectral camera has a panchromatic and 4 spectral bands (R,G,B,NIR), at 10 bits. This allows Deimos-2 to provide 75-cm pan-sharpened imagery.

Deimos-2 was designed to provide a cost-effective and highly responsive service to cope with the increasing need of fast access to sub-metric imagery. As evidence of this, it provides near-real time image tasking, downloading, processing and delivery to the end user. It has a collection capacity of more than 150,000 km2/day with a two-day average revisit time worldwide. The whole Deimos-2 ground segment has been completely developed in-house by Elecnor Deimos based on its own gs4EO product suite, born out of the know-how acquired during more than a decade of work for the European Space Agency.

Deimos-2 is currently owned and operated by Deimos Imaging, an UrtheCast company.

Instrument: EOS-D (Electro-Optical Camera-D)
- 5 spectral bands (PAN, blue, green, red, NIR)
- swath width: 12km (at nadir)
- pushbroom

Sun synchronous
Earth observation