Workshop Topics


Topics of the third workshop will include

  • Relevant space-based solutions and information for risk and disaster
    management support and emergency response including on-going
    and planned initiatives, case studies and best practices, available
    geospatial data for disaster studies and capacity building
  • Presentation and common discussion on the beta-version of the UNSPIDER
    Knowledge Portal (communication and information
  • Presentations and discussion on the contribution of space-based
    technologies to mitigate the impact and enhance adaptation to
    global climate change utilising innovative monitoring and analysing
  • Presentations and discussion on the contribution of space-based
    solutions to the field of Disaster and Emergency Medicine.
  • Presentations and discussion on the activities and contribution of
    UN-SPIDER Regional Support Offices (RSO), National Focal Points
    (NFP), and institutional partners.
  • Follow-up on the UN-SPIDER strategy on capacity development and
    institutional strengthening
  • Harmonisation of the various existing initiatives that are contributing
    to helping developing countries access and use space-based
    technologies for disaster management and risk reduction.

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