8th International Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Workshop

Organizadores del evento: 

Defence Academy of the United Kingdom


01/06/2015 to 03/06/2015


In 2015 the Workshop theme is focused on Defence Regional Engagement, to establish an understanding of the role of human geography in enabling and supporting understanding within that context. The potential for future workshops and collaborative partnerships to focus on specific thematic and/or regional challenges will also be considered.

The UK Defence Engagement Strategy sets out how all defence activity will be prioritised to focus engagement efforts on those countries which are most important to UK interests, and where the desired effect is most likely to be achieved.

The goal of the 2015 workshop is to engage with policy makers, academics, practitioners and end-users in the spatial socio-cultural area and in other fields involved in Defence Regional Engagement to develop a collective understanding of  the requirements for successful Defence Engagement activities from across the range of stakeholders.


Target Audience: 

The Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Conference Workshop gathers UK, US and other international experts and practitioners from defence, academia, OGDs and NGOs to strive for improvements in the delivery and employment of spatially-enabled geographical and socio-cultural analysis in developing understanding of the human domain.


Defence Academy of the United Kingdom



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