Fourth Biennial Space Technology Showcase

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Centre for EO Instrumentation and Space Technology (CEOI-ST)




The CEOI-ST has a vision to develop and strengthen UK expertise and capabilities in Earth observation (EO) instruments and works to position the UK to win leading roles in future international space programmes. The programme supports mainstream projects and smaller projects, both selected through Open Calls to the EO community.

However, although the technical drive has been to produce instruments for space, in many cases the resulting technologies have non-space applications. A number of sectors which could be potential beneficiaries of such technologies include healthcare, defence and security, analytical instrumentation, marine industries and environmental.

Objectives: The event is open to all interested parties and aims to:

  • Highlight collaborative opportunities emanating from remote sensing technologies in space
  • Outline the particular needs in Earth Observation for spin-in technologies
  • Showcase a number of CEOI projects

The format for this one day event will include a schedule of formal presentations – outlining technology needs and collaborative opportunities and several of the CEOI-ST projects. Another key feature will be the exhibition element, showcase CEOI-ST projects, which starts at lunch time.


Benefits of attending:

  • Hear from leaders in the Earth observation industry about the knowledge exchange potential of the technologies
  • Learn about the latest developments in Earth Observation instrumentation and their relevance to other areas, as well as potential technology needs
  • See first-hand the CEOI funded technologies and talk to project managers at the showcase exhibition
  • Network within this growing and vibrant community and meet individuals from other industries and institutions


Programme Highlights

  • Optical and Quantum Technologies for Earth Observation at the European Space Agency (Bruno Leone - ESA)
  • Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar technologies and product generation – Relevance to Spaceborne Systems (Geoff Burbidge - Airbus DS Ltd)
  • Adhesive free bonding: from academic origin to industrial application (Christian Killow - University of Glasgow)
  • UK Technology Development for Spaceborne Atmospheric Limb-Sounding Missions (Brian Moyna - STFC RALSpace)
  • New UK developments in THz technology for Earth observation (Edmund Linfield - University of Leeds & Simon Rea - STFC RALSpace)

Further Information

For further information, please contact:

Robin Higgons

Tel: +44 (0)1223-422404

email: robin.higgons [at]

Mick Johnson

CEOI Director

email: mick.johnson [at]


The NUT, Hamilton House, London WC1 (Kings Cross or Euston tube stations



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