Integrating DRR and CCA: eLearning companion course on Toward Resilience - Principles in practice

Organizadores del evento: 

Cornerstone Foundation, Disaster Ready Initiative


Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB)


18/12/2014 to 18/01/2015

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miércoles, January 21, 2015


ECB’s Toward Resilience Guide has emerged as the recognized ‘go to’ resource on incorporating disaster risk reduction & climate change adaptation principles into relief and development programming. Developed in collaboration with members of the ECB Project and, Toward Resilience.

Principles in Practice is a 75 minute e-learning course that helps learners understand how these principles can be put into practice in areas where communities are threatened by hazards and the effects of climate change. Based on three real world case studies, the companion course illustrates the benefits and key elements of an integrated approach to building resilience to disaster and climate change risk.

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