PolSARpro (The Polarimetric SAR Data Processing and Educational Tool) (ESA)

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Software type:Desktop image processing (remote sensing software - raster data)
Accessibility:Install only

System Requirements General ~300MB hard disk space for PolSARpro Minimum 256MB RAM (512MB recommended) Enough hard disk space to store processed data Minimum display size of 1200 by 768 pixels Active Tcl-Tk software (see below) Windows x86 architecture only (32 bit) Linux x86 architecture only (PolSARpro is only distributed with binaries) Unix-Solaris x86 architecture only (PolSARpro is only distributed with binaries) A Unix distribution adapted to the downloaded version of Tcl-Tk Mac OS Parallels Desktop 4.0 technology

Computer System:Windows , MacOSX , Linux , UNIX
Scope:Image processing, Modelling, Visualisation
Optical data or radar data format:Radar
Costs:Free $0.00
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