QGIS Plugin is a QGIS extension for analyzing land changes. Various tools allow visualization, download and analysis of data.
With the visualization tool, base maps of all countries, including main cities, water bodies and administrative borders can be downloaded. Through the download option processed land-cover, precipitation maps and more that are freely available can be downloaded through the app. The app aims to help achieve the Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), and to support reporting to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). The data sources drawn on are listed below:
AVHRR/GIMMS 1982-2015 8 km Global Public Domain
MOD13Q1-coll6 2001-2016 250 m Global Public Domain
- Soil moisture
MERRA 2 1980-2016 0.5° x 0.625° Global Public Domain
ERA I 1979-2016 0.75° x 0.75° Global Public Domain
- Precipitation
GPCP v2.3 1 month 1979-2016 2.5° x 2.5° Global Public Domain
GPCC V7 1901-2016 1° x 1° Global Public Domain
CHIRPS 1981-2016 5 km 50N-50S Public Domain
PERSIANN-CDR 1983-2015 25 km 60N-60S Public Domain
- Evapotranspiration
MOD16A2 2000-2014 1 km Global Public Domain
- Land cover
ESA CCI Land Cover 1992-2015 300 m Global CC by-SA 3.0
- Soil carbon
Soil Grids (ISRIC) Present 250 m Global CC by-SA 4.0
- Agroecological Zones
FAO - IIASA Global Agroecological Zones (GAEZ) 2000 8 km Global Public Domain
- Administrative Boundaries
Natural Earth Administrative Boundaries Present 10/50m Global Public Domain
Software type:Extension
Accessibility:Install only

QGIS 2.18 is required, the plugin was reported broken in 2.14.and is not yet available for QGIS 3 or 3.2 (Some suggested QGIS 3 fixes can be found on github). 
Further information can be found under documentation
If the access to basemaps is desired, the shapefiles can also be downloaded and used without the plugin from the Natural Earth website.

Computer System:Windows, MacOSX, Linux, UNIX
Scope:Image processing, Visualisation
Vector/Raster:Vector, Raster
Graphical user interface:Yes