Description:TuiView is a lightweight raster GIS with powerful raster attribute table manipulation abilities. Features of TuiView include:

"Geo-linking" - 2 or more windows linked so they move and zoom together
Querying and plotting of raster values
Overlaying and querying of vector layers
Ability to stretch data for viewing in a number of ways, and ability to set a default stretch for each type of file
Saving and loading of stretch information into text or image files
Profile tool
Display of raster attribute tables and highlighting of rows for queried pixel
Selection of raster attribute table rows based on a query, or through geographical selection
Creation of new attribute table columns and updating of columns
Flicker tool
Software type:Desktop GIS
Accessibility:Install only

Python 3.5, Conda  

Computer System:Windows, MacOSX, Linux
Vector/Raster:Vector, Raster
Optical data or radar data format:Optical, Radar
Graphical user interface:Yes