USGS Land Data Operational Products Evaluation

Description:he Land Data Operational Products Evaluation (LDOPE) facility, collocated with the MODIS Adaptive Processing System (MODAPS) at the Goddard Spaceflight Center (GSFC), is responsible for the overall coordination of the QA activities in support of the MODIS Science Team. LDOPE develops and maintains a number of software tools designed to manipulate, visualize, and analyze MODIS data. A subset of LDOPE QA tools is available to the user community to help parse and interpret the QA Science Dataset (SDS) layers. Written in C, they are executed either from the command-line or invoked via scripts. These tools, numbering about two-dozen, are provided as command-line executables and source code. Previously, a number of platforms were supported. The new release (version 1.7) consolidates the availability of the software in Windows, Linux and Mac OSX operating systems. While the User Manual is in the process of being updated, a shorter set of instructions is available to help users install the tools and get started. The syntax descriptions and examples provided in the User Guide are still valid, and users are advised to consult them for further insight.
Software type:Crowdsourcing/VGI
Accessibility:Install only

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Computer System:Windows , MacOSX , Linux
Optical data or radar data format:n/a
Costs:Free $0.00
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