USGS LandsatLook Viewer

Description:The LandsatLook Viewer is a prototype tool that was developed to allow rapid online viewing and access to the USGS Landsat image archives. This viewer allows you to: Interactively explore the Landsat archive at up to full resolution directly from a common Web browser Search for specific Landsat images based on area of interest, acquisition date, or cloud cover Compare image features and view changes through time Display configurable map information layers in combination with the Landsat imagery Create a customized image display and export as a simple graphic file View metadata and download the full-band source imagery
Software type:Web processing (cloud computing)
Computer System:Online
Scope:Image processing, Visualisation
Vector/Raster:Vector, Raster
Optical data or radar data format:Optical
Graphical user interface:Yes
Costs:Free $0.00
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