Ministry of Land and Land Development of Sri Lanka (MLLD Sri Lanka)

The Ministry for the subject of “Lands” was established in 1932, as per the recommendation of the Committee appointed in respect of the subject of Land and Agriculture of the State Council 1931.

The main objectives of establishing this Ministry were to implement activities such as formulate and implement State Land Policies, conserve State Lands, land settlement, land acquisition of lands for public purposes, with in the country.

Nowadays, the Ministry of Land and Land Development of Sri Lanka (MLLD Sri Lanka) aims at the Effective and Efficient Management of the Land Resource while contributing to the Socio–Economic Development of the Country.

In this context, the Survey Department of MLLD Sri Lanka, specifically aims at "serving the public and contributiong to development through provision of quality Geo-information and service” and is responsible for:

  • the completion of the Annual Survey Training and Surveying & Mapping programs;
  • staff trainings;
  • the construction and mainteinance of the required immovable and movable resources for the program embarked to be completed during the year;
  • the appropriate allocation of public funds for each purpose which have to be carried out in the year;
  • the control and maintainance of the standards of surveying profession.

Main functions of the Department are as follows:

  • To establish and maintain a Geodetic Control Network throughout the country;
  • To provide surveying services in all statutory requirements;
  • To acquire aerial photographs for mapping and development plans;
  • To prepare and publish maps for national requirements;
  • To regulate and maintain standards for the surveying profession;
  • To train the staff for departmental needs;
  • To provide consultancy services on surveying for the state agencies;
  • To hold the examinations relevant for the staff;
  • To conduct such research as may be necessary in respect of matters relating to surveying;
  • Issue of Certificates of Accreditation for the registered surveyors who wish to carry out surveys, under the Title Registration Act No, 21 of 1998.