Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD)

At a glance: 

The UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office in Kenya is hosted by the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD).

Capacity Building: 

Available expertise: 

The UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office hosted by RCMRD has staff with varied expertise in applied geo-informatics and geo-management with the combined experience of more than 35 years of its existence.

Facilities and infrastructure:

RCMRD has 3 computer laboratories, 4MBps up/down Internet, 2 Satellite dishes for products download and state of the art servers for geoprocessing.

Available databases and space-based information: 

Space Based:

  • Landsat Products- MSS,TM, ETM (+)
  • Envisat Products- MERIS, ASAR, ATSAR
  • SPOT SCENE Coverage
  • IKONOS/GEOEYE Coverage, etc


Other datasets:

  • Selected topographic maps
  • Regional vector databases


About the host institution: 

RCMRD, established in 1975, is a premier centre of excellence in the provision of geo-information and allied information communication applications. As part of its mandate, RCMRD, through its programme on early warning, offers capacity building, research, development and innovation services utilizing space technology for disaster risk reduction, disaster management and emergency response.

Contributions to and participation in UN-SPIDER activities: 

Title Type Year
Zimbabwe - Technical Advisory Mission Advisory Support 2020
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