14th International Training Course on Flood Disaster Risk Management in a Changing Climate

Event Organisers: 

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)


14/09/2015 to 25/09/2015

Registration Deadline: 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The 14th International Training Course on Flood Disaster Risk Management in a Changing Climate course is particularly useful for those concerned with the flood disaster risk management. It is open to all countries. Participation of decision makers, decision-makers, elected and appointed national and local administrators, the development and planning authorities, water engineers and flood control professionals, officials in urban planning, housing, public works, and water resource and management is especially encouraged. The course is of a certain benefit to private land developers, personnel from emergency response, UN, and other international agencies, or NGOs working on disaster mitigation. As course participants come from a diverse range of countries and organizations, and the class size is limited to 30 persons, ADPC accepts nomination on a “first come, first served” basis provided the applicant meets the requirement.

Course Objectives
By completing the FDRM, participants will learn how to:
- Discuss dynamics of flood risk in a changing climate
- Evaluate the extent of flood risk and vulnerability and assess the capacity to response
- Develop comprehensive strategies for flood risk management in a changing climate
- Apply climate smart structural and non-structural measures for flood risk mitigation
- Develop preparedness and response plans for effective flood risk reduction
- Integrate flood recovery programs with flood risk management strategies
- Address cross-cutting issues in flood risk management

Course Modules
Module 1: Introduction to Integrated Flood Risk Management
Module 2: Climate Change and Impending Flood Risk
Module 3: Flood Risk Assessment
Module 4: Flood Risk Mitigation
Module 5: Flood Disaster Preparedness and Response Planning Process
Module 6: Flood Recovery Planning & Implementation
Module 7: Crosscutting Issues

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