Africa Space Week

Banner for the Africa Space Week. Image: Space in Africa.

African Union Commission

Kenya Space Agency

Sat, Jun 19 - Fri, Jun 25 2021

The first African Space Week will bring together all the stakeholders in the African space industry to consolidate African outer space efforts.

Conference Format

The African Space Week will include Agora Talks, keynote speeches, interactive sessions, plenaries, panel discussions, parallel working groups, side-events, and exhibitions. During the main event, each of the four segments of space (namely Earth observation, navigation and positioning, satellite communication, and astronomy and space science) will be discussed in five thematic subjects:

  • Policy, strategy, law and regulation;
  • Governance, partnerships, funding and all resources mobilisation mechanisms;
  • Synergy for efficient programmes development and implementation on services;
  • Capacity building and utilisation (infrastructure and human capital development) with a focus on academia;
  • Private sector: challenges and opportunities.

The African Space Week will take place in Nairobi, Kenya between 19 - 25 June, 2021. 


The objectives of the African Space Week are to:

  • Build a community of space actors that will continuously engage and raise awareness on the importance of space;
  • Provide a platform for strengthening intra-Africa and international collaborations on space activities;
  • Provide capacity development opportunities to nurture competencies of African space managers, experts, researchers, and professionals across public and private sectors, as well as civil societies, students, youth, and women in space domains;
  • Introduce a dialogue for resource mobilisation to support the African space industry.


The following results are anticipated to arise from the African Space Week:

  • African decision-makers and space community and stakeholders understand more, the importance of space in African daily lives.
  • African space community and partners understand the necessity of collaboration in the space arena
  • African space stakeholders have had opportunities to strengthen and enhance their competencies and know-how in space science applications, policy, law and regulatory instruments and governance.
  • A sustainable community of practice for the policymakers and development agencies

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