Fifth PPRD South “prevention and preparedness” training workshop


14/02/2011 to 16/02/2011


Water and Flood Risk Management (FRM) play a key role in economic growth and social development. Flood damage to agricultural land, homestead and infrastructures destabilizes socioeconomic activities. Among disasters that annually heavily impact the Euro-Mediterranean region, floods are known as the most destructive to property, crops and infrastructure and causing casualties.

The purpose of this training workshop is to discuss flood management in order to promote integrated approach and use best practices and lessons learnt. Towards this, the training workshop aims to bring together emergency responders with researchers, academicians, policy drafters for a broad exchange of respective views and experiences relevant to water and flood management.

It seeks to bring foreword research findings, case studies, recent advances in planning and design methodologies and in particular EU experiences that can be used broader. The training workshop will build upon participants’ existing knowledge base so they can relate Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) issues in practical terms to their day-to-day work responsibilities.

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