Geo-Information in Disaster Situations (GIDS): 6th Edition

United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

University of Copenhagen

Mon, Feb 29 - Fri, Mar 11 2016

The aim of the course is to enable participants to work with basic GIS tools and methodologies in preparation of disaster related maps in support of emergency response operations. A central part of the course involves collecting pre and post disaster baseline data from web sources, preparing, and analysing and creating situation maps to support emergency response. Hands on experience with the field data collection tools like GPS, PDA and UAV will also be part of the course. 

The learning objectives of the training are: define and describe basic concepts and terminology related to geospatial information technology; apply basic methods and functionalities of GIS software (ESRI ArcGIS) to manage and analyse spatial data; undertake the process of map-making in support of emergency response; apply basic GIS methodologies to perform impact analysis and preliminary damage assessment in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.


Professionals working in DRM / DRR and humanitarian assistance who wish to strengthen their practical skills in GIS/RS applications for working in emergency response.