Special Course for the TerraMA2 platform of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) – Information about the Release 4.0.5

INPE - National Institute for Space Research

Dr. Eymar Silva Sampaio Lopes; Chefe da Divisão de Processamento de Imagens

Mon, Jul 9 - Fri, Jul 13 2018

TerraMA2 is a software product, a computational system, based on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which provides the technological infrastructure required to develop operational systems for environmental risks monitoring and alert. TerraMA2 provides services to gather updated data through internet and to add it to the alert system database; services to manipulate/analyse new data in real time and check if a risk situation exists by comparing with risk maps or a defined model; services to execute/edit/create new risk and alter models; services to create and notify alerts to system users; and other basic and advanced services.

This course will teach you in detail all the steps to build a monitoring system with INPE platform and inform you about several fixes and improvements of the release 4.0.5.

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