Brazil wants Japanese assistance in disaster prevention

Brazil urged Japan to collaborate in the field of disaster prevention using satellite technology. The proposal was put forth by Brazil’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marco Antonio Raupp; and Director of Brazilian Space Agency, Himilcon Carvalho; in front of Director of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Hideshi Kozawa. Raupp clarified that Brazil wants Japan's assistance in setting up the National System for Monitoring and Early Warning of Natural Disasters, the Brazilian government is developing and providing the use of satellite images to predict possible storms and phenomena atmospheric.

Raupp added that the starting point for such an agreement may be the International Precipitation Measurement (Global Precipitation Measurement - GPM). This international cooperation programme promoted by the space agencies of Japan and the NASA, is to monitor global rainfall using satellite images of high temporal resolution. Brazil participates in this programme by developing algorithms to facilitate measurements and its own satellite that will join those of other countries in a constellation. Hideshi Kozawa said that possibility of agreement will be further discussed with Brazilian delegation in Tokyo in March.