CDEMA publishes situation report on the Matthieu Dam's collapse

In the early morning of July 28, 2011, Dominica's Matthieu Dam was breached, damaging infrastructure downstream in the Layou River valley. In the context of the ongoing Caribbean Satellite Disaster Pilot, an initiative involving a host of entities including the Caribbean Disaster & Emergency Management Agency, CATHALAC, NASA, UN-SPIDER, and others, recently completed an assessment of the Matthieu Dam collapse. That assessment indicates that the collapse of the Matthieu Dam reduced the Miracle Lake's surface by some ~8.25 hectares, and as evident in the July 31, 2011 imagery, the banks of the Layou River below the Dam were also breached, putting an additional 4.58 hectares of land under water.

Please follow the link to the original article for a situation report on the Matthieu Dam's collapse.