Copernicus Emergency Mapping Service for Haiti and the United States

Hurricane Matthew 2016, Haiti. Courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory
On 3 October 2016 the Copernicus Emergency Management Service was activated at the request of the European Commission' services for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection. 

The storm, which has already affected other Caribbean countries like the Dominican Republic and Cuba, triggered floods, landslides and fatalities. According to Euronews the storm, now on its way to the Bahamas and the USA, is weakening and has been reduced from a category four to a three hurricane. More information is available here

On 6 October 2016 the Copernicus Emergency Management Service was also activated for the United States at request of the European Union Service/European Union External Action Situation Room.   After hitting Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and the Bahamas it reached the southestern costs of the United States and the most powerful effects will be on the states of Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina. 

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