Films for Disaster Risk Reduction

In the context of the 5th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR) to take place in Indonesia in October, the Committee of the 5th AMCDRR 2012 plans to organize an Asian Film Festival (AFIFES) on Disaster Risk Reduction for the Asian Pacific Region. With theme “Strengthening Local Capacity on Disaster Risk Reduction”, the film festival aims at building awareness of the importance of resilience to disaster at the lowest level of the community, amidst the growing challenges of disaster and climate change risks in the region.

  • The AFIFES on DRR invites interested parties to produce short documentary films and capture:
  • The diverse approaches and strategies of the different DRR actors from all fields-narratives of determination, innovation and vision;
  • Community’s initiatives in building their resilience to disaster-captivating stories of courage, strength and resilience;
  • innovative approaches at the grassroots level for building community’s resilience films that capture a new generation’s interests and concerns for DRR that include women and the younger generations.

Selected documentary films will be screened play during conference. Public discussion with actors, directors, producers, writers and communities will be organized in several locations, especially sharing experiences with the nominees and the communities.

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