India: Remote Sensing Official highlights importance of satellites

Fires in northwestern India in 2005 seen from Space.

During the recent CEO’s Forum on Space Technology Applications for National Development in Sri Lanka, India’s National Remote Sensing Centre Deputy Director Dr. P.G. Diwakar highlighted the important impact that satellite technologies have in various sectors of development in India. This includes agriculture, transport, navigation, environmental protection, resource mapping, meteorology, disaster management and surveying. He named India as a success story in applying such technologies to development processes.

The Daily Mirror quoted Diwakar: "India has used satellite imaging technology to improve national and regional level planning across several sectors through improved information availability. In the field of infrastructure development in Bangalore, several projects have been carried out using satellite imaging with multiple layers of information and allowing growth to be systematic. Using this technology, the Indian government was able to gain a better understanding of the damage caused by floods through comprehensive satellite imaging of areas that are otherwise highly inaccessible."

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