NASA's Terra satellite spots Tropical Storm Jebi over Vietnam

On 3 August 2013 Tropical Storm Jebi made its second landfall in Vietnam

On 3 August 2013, NASA's Terra satellite captured an infrared image of Tropical Storm Jebi as it was tracking north of Hanoi after making its second landfall in Vietnam. Jebi is the fifth tropical cyclone to affect Vietnam in 2013, which as reported by the officials from the Quang Ninh province flood and storm response department, has caused several damages to the country that include numerous power outages, six people died, crops and damages on 320 homes. Moreover, in northern Vietnam, the level of the rivers have risen as a result of the storm's heavy rainfall, exposing the area to potential floods.

The imagery obtained from the satellite showed a tightly-wrapped low-level circulation center with a central dense overcast. The maximum sustained winds of the Tropical Storm Jebi were near 45 knots/51.7 mph/83.3 kph on the 3 of August, moving further inland in a west-northwest direction. Nevertheless, the interaction with land already started to weaken the system and by the 4 of August, frictional effects over land and increasing vertical wind shear caused Jebi to dissipate.

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