New EOTEC DevNet Website Launched

Looking to connect with other disaster risk reduction (DRR) experts working with Earth observations and capacity building? Check out the new EOTEC DevNet website!

Along with the latest capacity building events and resources, the site offers an online member platform where capacity building providers can network with peers to discuss technical questions, share resources, and promote their work.

About EOTEC DevNet

The Earth Observation Training, Education, and Capacity Development Network, EOTEC DevNet, is a network of networks, created in 2021 to bring the power of satellite-derived Earth information to more users around the globe.

Its aim: Make Earth observation-related capacity building more accessible and relevant. EOTEC DevNet’s goal is to increase the use of Earth information in decision-making on climate change and disaster management.

Its approach: Improve cooperation and coordination among national, regional, and global institutions providing capacity building related to Earth observations. EOTEC DevNet seeks to fill gaps, leverage resources, and reduce duplication of effort. It also fosters exchange and knowledge sharing, and promotes best practices on training needs assessment.

The Member Platform

The member platform mirrors EOTEC DevNet’s communities of practice, which meet online quarterly. They are organized around the Africa, Americas, Asia-Oceania and Europe regions, as well as three technical working groups for droughts, floods, and climate adaptation.  

Here’s how to join the member platform:

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account: Use the "Sign Up" button to join. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription.
  3. Return to the site to choose your groups: Visit the Connect page to join the Regional Communities of Practice and/or Thematic Working Groups of your choice.
  4. Participate: Ask a question, share your research, and find potential project partners.

To join the quarterly meetings, sign up for meeting invitations here.

EOTEC DevNet, the Earth Observation Training, Education and Capacity Development Network, is led by the leading global providers of capacity building, including UNOOSA. Other members include: CEOS, WMO VLab and WMO Education and Training Programme, and GEO.

By improving collaboration among training providers and promoting best practices, EOTEC DevNet aims to make Earth observation capacity building more accessible and relevant.