New platform for Copernicus data access and exploitation launched

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has released Copernicus Data and Exploitation Platform-Deutschland (CODE-DE), a free-of-charge tool to access data from the Sentinel satellites and information products from the European Copernicus programme. The platform was developed under the leadership of DLR’s Earth Observation Center together with a group of industry partners. Although CODE-DE was developed in order to facilitate the access to for German users, it is an open service that can be used by anyone.

CODE-DE streamlines access to the data by bringing together information from different databases on one platform. At the moment, it includes current and archived data for Sentinel 1a and b, and Sentinel 2a satellites, with Sentinel 3a to be added in the near future. The data catalogue is continuously updated in a chronological fashion and users can filter the data by time, location and additional meta-data such as cloud coverage. The platform comprises five categories: datasets, services, projects, tools and processors.

In a future development step (mid-2017), CODE-DE’s functionalities will be expanded to include online data processing. The platform represents a user-friendly solution for satellite data search and can be accessed at the following link: