New service provides satellite-based Wi-Fi connection outside coverage

Reliable communication is especially important in disasters

The satellite provider Globalstar has announced a new service called "Sat-Fi". This new satellite service will allow any device to connect outside of cellular coverage via Wi-Fi, for example in disaster situations when communication infrastructures are hindered or broken.

Globalstar stated in a press release: "Sat-Fi provides seamless wireless connectivity over the World’s most modern satellite network. With Sat-Fi, Globalstar customers can use their current smartphones, tablets and laptops to send and receive communications when traveling beyond cellular.

“Although we live in a connected world, there are billions of people who work, play and live in remote locations lacking reliable and affordable voice and data communications. Globalstar’s Sat-Fi technology will allow government users and subscribers including oil & gas, marine, natural resource and emergency response to use their own device to stay connected when cellular coverage is not available,” said Jay Monroe, Chairman and CEO of Globalstar.

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