New technology to analyse complex satellite data quickly and efficiently

The new Cube+ makes it easier evaluate satellite imagery (Image: NASA)

Ecometrica announced the delivery of the new Cube+. The combination of software and customised cloud computing hardware allows sequential images taken by satellites to be built up layer upon layer, quickly and efficiently, to provide a much more detailed, and in-depth answers to complex queries about changes to agriculture, forests, coasts and urban areas.

The new technology allows government departments and firms to analyse complex data from satellites without the need for supercomputers for the first time. I will provide a more powerful service than those currently available using supercomputers, at around a tenth of the cost.

"This new Ecometrica technology component will allow businesses to efficiently process complex time-space data queries across the globe. It brings complex information retrieval tasks on spatial data that would previously have required supercomputers within the reach of conventional commercial cloud services”, says Dr Richard Tipper, Chairman of Ecometrica. 

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