UN-SPIDER contributes to virtual training on the use of Google Earth Engine for forest fire management

In recent years, various regions of the world have been experiencing severe forest fires which, in some cases, are triggering major losses. The Mario Gulich Institute on High Level Studies on Outer Space, the Latin American Network on Remote Sensing of Forest Fires (RedLaTIF), the National Space Research Institute of Brazil (INPE), Mexico's National Biodiversity Commission (CONABIO), Argentina's National Agricultural Technology Institute (INTA), the Friends of Nature NGO of Bolivia (FAN), and UN-SPIDER are joining forces to deliver a virtual training course on the use of Google Earth Engine for an improved management of space-based and geospatial information related to forest fires.

The virtual training course will be carried out from 8 February to 5 March 2020 in Spanish. More information on this training course is available on the course page: Taller Gestión de Incendios Forestales Mediante el Uso de la Plataforma Google Earth Engine (GEE) – Instituto Gulich (unc.edu.ar)