UN-SPIDER further strengthens its role in the Asia Pacific region

UN-SPIDER was invited recently to participate and contribute to two major meetings in the Asia Pacific region: The first meeting was the 2nd Joint Project Team Meeting for Sentinel Asia Step 2 which brought together over 100 participants from 44 organisations from 18 countries, including new members from Central Asia and which was held in Bali, Indonesia from 15th to 17th July.

Then the following week UN-SPIDER participated in the 13th session of the Intergovernmental Consultative Committee on the Regional Space Applications Programme for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific which was organised by ESCAP and which was attended by participants from the region as well as from International Organizations. The conclusions and recommendations included the need for a regional disaster management support platform on space-based information sharing and analysis. UN-SPIDER will be taking a leading role in the establishment and operation of this proposed platform.

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