World Bank Seeks Closer Cooperation with the Asian Disaster Reduction Center

The World Bank and the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen cooperation and regional partnerships for disaster risk reduction, and to enhance capacity-building and knowledge-sharing in disaster prevention, mitigation and response across East Asia and the Pacific. The signing was followed by a high-level workshop indentifying the main needs in the current disaster risk management and climate change adaptation agenda, and concrete ways in which the WB and ADRC can jointly deliver expected results.

This Memorandum between the World Bank and ADRC is a step forward in building up the region’s capacity for disaster risk management and increased cooperation with regional actors, including the Government of Japan and Japan International Cooperation Agency.” Mr. Tomoya Nagai, Director for Disaster Preparedness and International Cooperation, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan says: “The ADRC has built up good co-operative relationships with many national disaster management organizations in Asia. We expect that this new partnership between the World Bank and the ADRC will further contribute to reduction of disaster risks in Asian countries by making good use of Japan’s experiences, expertise and technologies”. Strengthened cooperation between the World Bank and the ADRC provides a further step ahead in WB’s increased efforts to reduce climate change effects and natural disaster impact on developing economies in Asia and the Pacific.

Published by: on February 23, 2011

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