Expert Mission in Guatemala in 2016

An official mission was conducted to Guatemala as a way to follow-up on the provision of technical advisory support to Guatemala. 


jue, 07/07/2016 to lun, 11/07/2016

Institución Anfitriona: 

Executive Secretariat of the National Coordinating Agency for Disaster Reduction (SE-CONRED)


Amenazas Principales: 

Mission Expert: 

Juan Carlos Villagran

Perfil de la Misión: 

The mission allowed SEGEPLAN, CONRED and other government agencies to re-establish the inter-institutional, geospatial team (GT-SIGER) that had been established in 2011 as a recommendation of the technical advisory mission.  

Mission Outcome: 

More than 350 updated VCI and SVI maps were provided to participants from these institutions. Several institutions gave continuity to the SEWS-D project, now also involving the Research Centre of SIECA.   Besides it was established a collaborative work between CEPREDENAC and UN-SPIDER to provide visibility to the SEWS-D project in Central America. 

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