Introduction to SAR Tomography

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EO Learn and Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena.



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viernes, November 2, 2018


Welcome to the fascinating world of Radar tomography. This tutorial presents a set of training resources for the introduction into this advanced Radar remote sensing technique. The material consists of the following components

A theory unit comprising Slides on Basics, Concepts & Techniques
An interactive Python tutorial including a Jupyter Notebook
Free Test data from the airborne F-SAR platform
An explanation video on how to use the tutorial

The module SAR Tomography introduces the advanced technique of combining multiple radar images from several viewing angles into a new dimension of information. Although tomogoraphic measuring systems and applications are recently in an experimental stage, this technology has a large potential to enhance the information content of radar data. This module gives an overview of the basics, limitations, mathematical foundations, advanced techniques and recent case studies.

Related resources: PyroSAR library.

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Remote sensing analysts interested in SAR analysis.

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